Food Chain (Season 6)

The episode begins with candy children that have bodies resembling different shapes sliding down a slide, shouting with excitement. The kids are viewed from an horizontal angle in the next scene as they go through a playground-like structure. Finn and Jake are examining the ‘Catapilla Family’. After watching Princess Bubblegum teach the children about the Food Chain, they head to the snack bar as Finn found Princess Bubblegum’s class useless.

Breezy (Season 6)

Sad Face (Season 6)

The episode begins with Neptr and BMO spying on a sleeping Finn and Jake. Neptr asks BMO what is going to happen and asks the cause of their spying to which BMO tells him to just watch, as this happens once in a month and also promises it would happen.

The Tower (Season 6)

James II (Season 6)

Escape from the Citadel (Season 6)

Finn and Jake hitch a ride on a Citadel Guardian after he imprisons and transports The Lich to the Citadel. Upon arrival, the Guardian attaches The Lich’s crystal prison onto a much larger crystal “cell block.” Finn then says it is a good riddance for The Lich. As they talk, The Lich begins emitting a gray breath in his cell which the duo don’t notice. Finn and Jake then look around for Finn’s long-lost father, whom Finn initially suggests might be a Guardian. Jake points out a strange looking “old kid” who resembles Finn, and it turns out to be Finn’s father incarcerated inside a crystal jail cell.

Wake Up (Season 6)